NODALIDA 2011 encourages contributions on all aspects of language technology, including, but not limited to:

  • phonetics, phonology and morphology;
  • speech recognition and speech synthesis;
  • word segmentation, tagging and chunking;
  • syntax, semantics and grammars;
  • pragmatics, discourse and dialogue;
  • the lexicon and ontologies;
  • parsing and grammatical formalisms;
  • generation, text planning and summarization;
  • language modelling, spoken language recognition and synthesis;
  • linguistic, psychological and mathematical models of language;
  • information retrieval, text categorization, question answering and information extraction;
  • paraphrasing and textual entailment;
  • machine learning for natural language;
  • multi-lingual processing, machine translation and translation aids;
  • multi-modal and natural language interfaces and dialogue systems;
  • language-oriented applications, tools and resources;
  • evaluation methodology.